Old Mr Field, 50 years a tenant farmer
Fred with his truck
A guest bedroom in the main house
The Landowner c. 1980
Cosima in the music room with Bat
Michael, in his tenant cottage garden, with four of his seven dogs
Windowsill skull
The Landowner's daughter and the Land Manager
A view from a tenant farm
A tenant farm
Tenant Farmer's Siblings
Tenant farmer's son Charlie, with Dexter
Tenant farmer's son and grandson, Fred with his truck
Benjamin, tenant farmer's son
Tenant Farmer, mother to tenant farmers and grandmother.
Brothers, Fred and Henry, tenant farmer's sons
Early Lambing
Tenant Farmer's daughters with their pony
June, a new tenant in her cottage garden
Arthur in his tenant cottage garden with four of his seven dogs.
Robert, a new tenant fixing his roof.
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